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Registering Open & 2017 Message
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Registering is Open for 2017.      Please take the time to read the below message.

Parents and Players, Welcome to another season of Lacrosse.

There are a few new things in the works that will affect how we play lacrosse in the next couple of years. We are trying our best to keep you informed of the changes.  The best way to understand all of the changes is to go to links on this site and click on US Lacrosse Association-Players-Boy's Rules.

Recently, U.S. Lacrosse has formally issued new 2017 Youth Rules and Age Groups.  These reflect MAJOR changes to the sport YOUTH levels. These changes may or may not go into affect for 2017.  We have the choice not to go to these age groups this year, However, next year we must conform to the new rules and age groups.  Those who officiate our games from SWVLOA are trying to prepare for the upcoming season the best they can.

Right before the Holidays, all of the individuals in charge of scheduling for this area had a group meeting and made the decision to play under the 2016 Rules for one more year; at this time there still may be minimal changes that affect how we play this year.

This is what is planned for the upcoming year.

YOUTH and MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS (playing under U.S. Lacrosse Youth Rules) need to understand the rules and age groups.

a.  Former U15 essentially disappears

b.  Former U13 becomes new U14

c.  Former U11 becomes new U12

d.  Former U9 becomes U10.

e.  We don't expect you to have a U8 or U6.


Practice Schedule 2017

All Practices wil be on the back field.

JV-U15-Will be practicing every evening- Check with your coaches for details


Monday - Wednesdays  5:30 until dark- if you practice on the front field, we can't start until 6:00 pm

Saturday 12-2


Tuesday-Thursdays 5:30 until dark, if you practice on the front field, we can't start until 6:00 pm

Saturday 10-12



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Last Updated on February 17, 2017